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Social Ratings and Timer Jobs

Social Rating is a new feature in SharePoint 2010. It allows users to rate a content on the scale of 1-5. However, if you have noticed, when you rate a content and refresh the page, the rating will disappear or does not reflect. This happens because the tables from where the rating data is fetched are not updated by Timer Jobs. If you want to see the data immediately, run the following Timer Jobs: 1. Go to Central Administration. 2. Click on Monitoring. 3. Click on Review Job Definitions 4. Look for the following Jobs and run each: a. User Profile Service Application - Social Data Maintenance Job b. User Profile Service Application - Activity Feed Job c. User Profile Service Application - Social Rating Synchronization Job Now, refresh your application page and Ratings are reflected! You can also change the frequency/schedule of the above Timer Jobs and accordingly Ratings gets reflected automatically.