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Notable changes in List in SharePoint Online

The moment you create a List in SharePoint Online there are quite a few notable changes which catches our attention. Let me provide a quick list of those changes.AllItems ViewIn AllItems View, we don't see ribbons any more. Instead there is a menu which has all the required actions for a List.Columns can be added right from the view itself. This is really useful considering it minimizes steps to create columns. We can also change the order of column display in the view by simply dragging a column.What I also noticed is the List view has ajax implemented. If someone adds an item to the list, it automatically refreshes in my screen. I liked this feature.List SettingsList Settings option is available under "gear icon". It took a while to figure this out. So the options available in gear icon is contextual. If I'm not in a List view, this icon will not show me "List Settings".Versioning SettingsNow If you enable versioning, it is mandatory to set the number of …