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Connecting SharePoint Library columns to MS Word Quick Parts

By making use of MS Word feature Quick Parts along with SharePoint Document Library columns, we can bring document metadata to the document as placeholders. In this blog post, I will cover the following: Connecting quick parts to library columns Limitations which should be kept in mind before deciding on using this feature In this example, I've used SharePoint 2013 and MS Word 2013. However, this should work for SharePoint 2010 and MS Word 2010 as well. Connecting MS Word Quick Parts to Document Library columns I've a document library and added a column Description of type Multi-line of text. Now go to Library Settings -> Advanced Settings, under Document Template, click on Edit Template link. Edit Template It opens MS Word. Once the document is open, under Insert tab, look for Quick Parts as shown below: Insert Quick Parts Click on this, and select Document Property and here you can see lots of fields. If you observe, you can also find Title and Descrip

All about SharePoint List View Styles

Sometimes, there are out of the box features which we tend to ignore and later when we do apply, we are more than happy about the feature which is readily available in SharePoint. One such feature is List View Style. I never thought I would write a post on this. However, whenever I spoke about this with users, people were excited to see the result. That prompted me to write this post. Instead of getting into only theory part, I will basically take use cases where these styles can be applied and also touch up on on some minor limitations with certain style. When you are creating/modifying a List view, you will get an option to select View Style. As shown below, there are 8 options available and Default is always set if you ignore this style. List of View Styles I will take typical Contact List and Announcement List to explian about these styles. Let us go one by one. Default: This view, as name suggest, is the default style in a view. This is one of the widely seen style