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Changing the position of Search Results Count

At last I got time to play with Display Template. Though this is a simple implementation, this work provided better understanding of customizing the Display template for SharePoint Search results. The requirement is simple. By default, when you do search, it displays Results Count at the bottom of the page as shown below. Results Count in OOB Search Page The requirement is to shown the Results Count at the top just above search results as shown below: Results Count at top Let us see how do we achieve this. Let us first understand how default display template is related. Navigate to Results.aspx, edit page, and edit Search Results web part. You will see something like below. Search Results Web Part Properties If you closely look at the "Display Templates" section, there is something called "Results Control Display Template" and it is by default set to "Default Result". Now, we need to locate the file and modify it to our needs. For

Office App Model Samples

Office App Model Samples (AMS) is a community driven project. This provides sample and patterns for SharePoint and Office App model development. The highlights of this project are: Provides ready to use code for common scenarios Code includes for Office365 and on-premise Provides Examples, Guidelines, and Reference Codes July 2014 release has Components, Samples, Scenarios, and Solutions Bundle of code can also be used for knowledge gain Another important note here is, we can also provide feedback to the team on scenarios which are not covered in the release. This project really speed up the learning curve and also saves lots of time in development. I've already downloaded the package and excited to go through these samples. Further reading: Office AMS codeplex project: MSDN Blog: Happy Learning!

SharePoint Free eBooks!

Pretty good collection of free eBooks on SharePoint as well as on other Microsoft technologies such as Windows, Office, Dynamics, PowerShell, SQL Server and more. Download and share the knowledge!