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How to get item ID in Calculated column using Document ID

In my previous post, I explained about a new feature " Document ID Service ". Using this feature, we can resolve one of the basic problems we had for long in SharePoint history. And that is the title of this post! There is no way you could get the item ID in a calculated column using ID field. When you try to create a calculated column, it is very evident that ID column is not listed under fields. However, if you go ahead and use ID column, it will not prompt any error. For example, I have created a calculated column and it's formula is =[ID] . When I add a new item, this column returns 0 as shown below. Calculated Column using ID field However, if you edit an item, the calculated column shows the correct value. This has been the problem since MOSS 2007 version (I started my SharePoint journey with 2007 version, so I don't know about prior versions). One workaround was to create SharePoint Designer to do this calculation and set the value. Now with Documen