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Multi-line text value is blank when multiple people are added

This is a strange issue I found recently. This seems to be a bug. Take any SharePoint 2013 Site (I tested this in Team site and Community ite). Create a List with two columns: One with Multi-line text, and the other with People or Group field. Allow People or Group field to accept multiple values. Add an item to this list and ensure that you will add only one person to the People Picker. Add second item to the list and this time ensure that you have added atleast two people in People Picker. Now, I'll show the funny part with screenshots. Here, Suggestion and Comments are multi-line text fields and Action Owner is People or Group field. When I added only one person under Action Owner, and clicked on View Item, it shows the values of all the fields as expected. Now, when I click on View Item for the item where multiple people are added to Action Owner, surprisingly, the multi-line text values are blank! However, the values of these columns are visible in AllIt