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There is no exclusive SharePoint Online Administrator role!

SharePoint Online is part of O365 tenancy. O365 Global administrators are something like farm administrators in our On-Premise SharePoint deployment. However, global administrators will have complete control over O365 tenancy components such as SPO, Exchange Online, Lync etc. In a typical large enterprise, you would expect SharePoint Administrators who are currently managing on-prem farm to manage SPO as well. With this in mind, I started Googling and I was taken to this specific article which talks about something called SPO Admin. However, when I looked at such a role in O365 Admin console, I could not find any such group. After digging more into this, I got hold of a few articles where authors have clearly mentioned that Global Administrator is SPO Administrator. These two are not segregated. I really wonder what could be the thought process behind this design from MS. A separate role could have resulted in delegating SP specific administration activities to SP team. Hope MS w