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Drag and Drop Outlook Email to SharePoint Library

Recently, I got a question on drag and drop possibility from Outlook to SharePoint Library. This question prompted me to write this post to share details on the topic. Question: After I integrate SharePoint Document Library with Microsoft Outlook, can I drag email from Outlook to Document Library folder within Outlook? Unfortunately the answer is No. For the benefit of the people who are new to the integration, let me explain more on this topic. Suppose you have created a document library in a SharePoint portal. On Library tab, when you click on "Connect to Outlook", a folder gets created in Outlook and data is pulled from Library to your Outlook. Any changes to the contents in the library will get synchronized with Outlook. With this feature enabled, it is obvious for the user to think that if email is dragged and dropped from Inbox to the Library, it should get saved in the SharePoint. But, it does not work! This feature is not available. However, there is a work-around to