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Creating New List Form in Discussion List? Be aware of limitations!

If you add a New Form to the Discussion List and set it as default, you would expect all Discussion List web parts to point to the new form. Unfortunately, it does not! To explain this behavior, let me start with a custom List. Let us take any custom List. By default, it has 3 forms (New, Edit, and Display). Open SharePoint Designer, navigate to this List and add a new "New Form" (call it NewForm2.aspx) and make it as default. Now wherever you have added the above custom List as a web part (List View Web Part), when you click on "new item", it opens up the newly created NewForm2.aspx. This is what we would also expect since we have made it as default New Form. If you closely observe the hyperlink of "new item" in a List View Web Part, it looks as below: http://[domain]/sites/[SiteCollection]/_layouts/15/listform.aspx?PageType=[PageTypeID]&ListId=[ListGUID]&RootFolder= Basically when we click on "new item" link, it takes us to a l