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Update on Posts and Comments

I have seen many comments in last several months asking questions on some of the posts. First of all, I apologies for not responding on time. I had set email to receive notification for new comments but for some weird reasons, I was not getting mails at all. Since I did not check for new comments in the site itself, I did not even know that there were comments, so I could not respond to your questions. I'm trying to fix this notification issue. Meanwhile, I'll keep checking in the site itself for any new comments. Also I have observed, there were plenty of spam comments in the site. I had kept posting comments open but looks like spammers have taken the advantage of it for their product/service marketing. It took quite a bit of time to individually delete all the spam comments. Going forward, all the comments will be moderated. That means, it will not be published immediately. I hate to do this but this is the only way to filter spam comments. I'll also make sure to ch