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Filter on Date column of a Calendar List using REST API

In SharePoint 2013 on-premises site, if you are trying to apply a filter on EndDate column (or EventDate column) of a Calendar List using REST API, it throws the below error. The field 'EndDate' of type 'DateTime' cannot be used in the query filter expression. Basically we cannot use EndDate column in the filter query. That sounds weird but it looks to be a "miss" from the SharePoint product team. However, it is interesting to note that this filter works fine in SharePoint Online (SPO). So the sample query like below returned valid items. https://domain/sites/pub/_api/web/lists/getByTitle('Calendar')/items?$select=Title,EndDate&$filter=EndDate lt '2018-05-31T23:59:00Z' So, the Product team might have fixed the issue in SPO. Hope this should be resolved at least in SP2016.

Send items to Recycle Bin using REST

When we have to implement Delete operation using REST API, we normally use the straightforward method to delete an item or a document. For example, to delete an item from a List, we use the following code. $.ajax({   type: "POST",   url: _spPageContextInfo.webAbsoluteUrl + "/_api/web/lists/getByTitle('CustomList')/items(2)",   headers: {     "accept": "application/json; odata=verbose",      "X-HTTP-METHOD": "DELETE",      "IF-MATCH": "*",      "X-RequestDigest": $("#__REQUESTDIGEST").val()  },  success: function(data){      alert("Item is deleted!");  },  error: function(error){      alert("Error"); console.log(error);  } }); To delete a document from a Library, we use the below code. $.ajax({   type: "POST",   url: _spPageContextInfo.webAbsoluteUrl + "/_api/web/getfilebyserverrelativeurl('/sites/pub/