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How to maintain InfoPath Form Changes or Versions

Sometimes I wonder if InfoPath can be used in a scalable solution. Though I have searched in web for any use cases, I've not seen examples citing InfoPath being used in a scalable deployment.

Recently, I too faced a challenge, posted the problem in MSDN forum, but didn't get any solution and then came up with "workaround" to resolve the matter. Considering this could be one of the cases which peple often encounter, I thought of detailing the information in this post.

1. Version: SharePoint 2010 and InfoPath 2010.
2. Design an InfoPath form (browser based) and publish it as Farm administrator approved template.
3. Activate this form in a site collection.
4. Add the above form as content type in a document library.
5. Now, it is available for user to fill up the form and save.
----At this point, user has saved the form----
6. There is a change request for InfoPath form, so go ahead and change the design.
7. Publish again as before.
8. Notice that, user fille…