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Discussion Board in SharePoint 2013

There are some improvements in Discussion Board in SharePoint 2013. When you create a new thread, the first thing you notice is the field "Question". With this field, you are categorizing whether the thread is for a normal discussion or should it be treated as a question. If a thread is selected as "Question", and when users respond to the question, the person who asked the question can mark one of the answers as "Best Reply". As shown above, there are two replies to this question. The first reply is chosen as "Best Reply". Observe that, the best reply is also displayed just below the question. What I observed is only one reply can be chosen as "Best Reply". Another feature which increases the user experience is the way one can provide Reply. When you open the discussion thread, user get an option to reply on the same screen as shown below. Featured Discussion – Discussion Thread can be marked as "Featured". It is li

Changes in Rating in SharePoint 2013

Rating was introduced in SharePoint 2010. When you enable rating for Document Libraries and Lists, rating control with 5 stars are displayed against each item. User can rate on the scale of 5. Now, in SharePoint 2013, small addition has been introduced for Rating. When you enable Rating for a list or document library, it provides you two more option to choose, Likes or Star Ratings as shown below. If you have used social networking applications like Facebook, you would be familiar with Likes. And this is how it looks like when you enable Likes. It shows the logged in user's option (whether user liked or not) and number of likes. Update (24-Aug-2012): If you switch between Likes and Star Ratings,  the data will not get lost. That means, let us say a particular document has got 2 likes. Now, you switch to Star Ratings and give 5/5. Again switch back to Likes. You can see 2 likes against the document. Also, your 5/5 star rating remains and can be seen when you switch back t