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How to make Title column mandatory in Document Library

My friend asked this question and I thought why not create a post so that it benefits whoever has the same question. When you create a document library, Title field is automatically added to the library. However if you notice, Title field is optional. If you go to List settings and click on Title field, you will not get an option to make it mandatory. So why we don't get this option? Basically, Title field is inherited from "Item" Content Type. This is added to the "Document" Content Type. By default, Title field is made Optional in the Content Type. So how do we make it mandatory? Follow the below steps: Navigate to Library Settings Click on Advanced settings Set Allow management of content types? to Yes Click OK In Document Library Settings page, under Content Types , click on Document Click on Item Under Column Settings , select Required Click OK Now when you upload a document and navigate to Edit Form, Title field will be mandatory. Note