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Yammer Review from End User perspective

I've been using Yammer since more than 6 months. I thought this is the time I share my experience about Yammer. This review is from end user perspective. That means, I do not cover Yammer Network Administration related activities. Yammer is a social networking portal for Enterprise. Loosely, it is like facebook for the companies. Ever since Microsoft bought Yammer, the buzz is that Microsoft would invest more on Yammer than SharePoint when it comes to discussion related features. Yammer being a cloud offering, the companies need not worry about upgrades as well as capacity planning. MS will take care of them. Basically using Yammer, users can collaborate seamlessly in the form of discussions. People can create public and private groups to target discussions on specific topics. Just like Twitter or Facebook, people can follow fellow people, Files and Discussions. I'll get into the features of Yammer with what works and/or its limitations. Towards the end of this post, I&#