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Bug: Some Validation formulae does not allow Folder creation

This is a strange issue observed recently. For some of the validation formulae, folder creation does not work. Let me give some examples to reproduce this problem. If a validation settings is defined for a Library and it uses conditional formula such as IF/AND/OR, it will not allow folder creation! I have two columns: Date1 and Date2. I want to compare that Date2 should be greater than Date1 and Date2 should be greater than Today's date. The formula looks like this: =AND([Date2]>[Date1],[Date2] When I update metadata, the above formula is applied and everything works as expected. Now the tricky part. Try creating a folder. It shows the validation message set for the above formula! And it will not allow folder creation ! Also folder copy via Explorer view is not possible. A message box pops up as " Can't read from the source file or disk ". Similar observation was made with Column level validation . However, in this case folder creation was allowed fr

Yammer Share Button and Bookmarklet

The requirement was to add Yammer Share button on a web page and allow users to share on Yammer. When I searched for Yammer Share, I found this blog which basically explains about newly introduced Yammer Share button. The code is also shared in this link , which is pretty much simple and easy to implement. However, in this approach the URL gets set to textbox by default. I was trying to find a way to pass custom message instead of the URL. This behavior is due to the code in platform_social_buttons.min.js file. I got another option at David Peterson blog . He uses Bookmarklet to share the message. Basically you have to form the URL something like this:[Network]/messages/new?status=Custom%20Message#/Messages/bookmarklet?type=following Here, replace [Network] with your network name and status parameter can have any custom message. This URL will take All Companies group (because of "type=following" parameter). What I additionally tried: 1. I

How to disable Web App feature for a List attachment?

We know that we can make the documents stored in document library open in Office Client by setting the property under Advanced Settings. Similar setting is not available for List. That means, List attachments will always open in browser if that is the default behavior set. One workaround is, we can disable this behavior at site collection level. You need to be a site collection administrator. Navigate to site collection features and look for "Open Documents in Client Applications by Default". Activate this feature. Site Collection Feature Now all the documents in List or Document Library will open in Office Client. However, you can still change the behavior for document libraries by navigating to Library Settings -> Advanced Settings and set the value of "Opening Documents in the Browser" to "Open in the browser" as shown below.