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How to bulk copy from Excel to SharePoint List

There will be scenarios where you would want to copy thousands of rows from Excel to existing SharePoint List in a site. There are a couple of ways this can be achieved without writing a code. This post explains both these approaches and also explain on which is the better option for huge number of data. Approach 1: Using DataSheet View (Quick Edit in SP2013) In this approach, you have to switch to Quick Edit view of List. Then, you can copy data from Excel to Quick Edit view (provided the order of columns are same). This approach is most straight-forward and best suited for few hundreds of rows in Excel. If number of rows increase, this approach becomes more time consuming and also sometimes browser becomes non-responsive. Approach 2: Using MS Access In this approach, you will make use of MS Access to copy data from Excel to List. What I have observed is, this approach is pretty fast compared to Quick Edit and MS Access handles thousands of rows. Navigate to List View. Un