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Difference between Choice and Lookup fields in SharePoint

When you have to provide users an option of selecting a value from a list, you can go for a Choice field or a Lookup field. Have you ever wondered which one to use and when? Which option should be chosen over other? To address these questions, one need to understand the differences between these two data types in SharePoint. This post outlines these differences to help users decide the appropriate column type based on their needs. Factor Choice Lookup Permission To add values to a Choice field, you need minimum Design permission To add values to a Lookup field, you need minimum Contribute/Add permission Changing existing Values If you change a value in a Choice field, it does not affect the existing values. For example, let us say one of the values was NY and there are items with this value. If you change it to New York in the field schema, it only affects the new values. All existing values will retain NY. If you change a value in a Lookup field, all the existing rows re