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REST API error: The query to field is not valid

I stumbled upon this error when I was trying to fetch items from SharePoint List using REST API. The query to field 'ExpandColumn/ColumnName' is not valid After a quick research, I found that we get this error if we are trying to fetch multi-line text column through $expand query. What does it mean? If you have a lookup column, and if you want to fetch columns through a lookup column, you can use $expand query. Though it works for fields such as Single line of text, Date, Numeric etc, this $expand query will not fetch multi-line text columns. The workaround for this limitation is you would need to make two REST calls - one to fetch the List items, and the other to fetch corresponding multi-line text value from the lookup list directly.

REST equivalent of AddToCurrentScopeOnly method

When we have to programmatically apply fine grain permissions to the List items, we have to ensure the ACL (Access Control List) limit is under control as defined in Software Boundaries. Typically, in Server side object model (SSOM), Microsoft provides a method called AddToCurrentScopeOnly . The best practice document also suggest to use this method. To quote what is mentioned in the above article: Use the AddToCurrentScopeOnly method to assign Limited Access membership in a SharePoint group. The key element in this principle is to redesign the architecture so that scope membership does not cause Access Control List (ACL) recalculation at the parent document library and web. In fact, I have used this method in SSOM and it works fine. So when I had to apply fine grain permission to the List items using REST API, I was looking for an endpoint for AddToCurrentScopeOnly. But I could not find any reference in MSDN. It turned out that this method is not available in client side APIs in