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Unexpected response data from server in SharePoint 2013

All I was doing was writing JavaScript Object Model (JSOM) to write data to a list in SharePoint 2013. It was fairly a simple program which uses HTML for data capture and SP.JS & JQuery to push the data to List. The program was successful with data being pushed to List. All of a sudden, the same program started throwing error. In catch block (to be specific, kind of QueryFailed function), I was displaying args.get_message() and args.get_stackTrace(). This is what I was getting as a response. args.get_message = "Unexpected response data from server" args.get_stackTrace = null After digging into internet, got a clue that it must be something related to noderunner.exe. When I checked in the server, several instances of this process were running and my RAM was almost full. Since I was not using Search, I stopped "SharePoint Server Search 15" and "SharePoint Search Host Controller" services. After this, RAM usage got reduced and my program started w