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Members group is more powerful in SharePoint 2013!

Some of my colleagues who are end users are familiar with SharePoint as they have been using it since 2007 version. They have the understanding that default Members group in a site collection will have Contribute permission. They are right! However, when they added users to Members group in SharePoint 2013, they had surprise as well as scared for the fact that Members were able to delete List/Document Library. Members Group Yes, in SharePoint 2013, by default Members group is mapped to "Edit" permission. Edit permission is a superset of Contribute permission. With "Edit", users will have permission to create/modify/delete List. Basically, Edit = Contribute + "Manage Lists" permission Just take a note of this before you add users to Members group . You can either change the permission of Members group or create a new group mapping to Contribute permission.

How to add Twitter Widget to SharePoint

Adding Twitter widget to SharePoint page has many useful cases for users such as You can display the feed on specific topic relevant to the site You can display the feed from specific Twitter handle relevant to the site Site users can tweet from within SharePoint Adding the widget is very simple and am going to show these steps. In this example, I want to display the Twitter feed on tag "SharePoint". 1. Login to Twitter 2. Search for a tag. Here I searched for SharePoint. In the search result, click on ellipses and select "Embed this search" Embed this search 3. In Create Widget screen, select your options and click on Create Widget button Create Widget 4. Copy the code. You can save these changes for future use as well Copy the code 5. Back in SharePoint, use Content Editor Web Part to paste the above code and save the page Twitter Feed on SharePoint page That's it! Now your SharePoint site users can see the latest f