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How to maintain InfoPath Form Changes or Versions

Sometimes I wonder if InfoPath can be used in a scalable solution. Though I have searched in web for any use cases, I've not seen examples citing InfoPath being used in a scalable deployment. Recently, I too faced a challenge, posted the problem in MSDN forum , but didn't get any solution and then came up with "workaround" to resolve the matter. Considering this could be one of the cases which peple often encounter, I thought of detailing the information in this post. Scenario: 1. Version: SharePoint 2010 and InfoPath 2010. 2. Design an InfoPath form (browser based) and publish it as Farm administrator approved template. 3. Activate this form in a site collection. 4. Add the above form as content type in a document library. 5. Now, it is available for user to fill up the form and save. ----At this point, user has saved the form---- 6. There is a change request for InfoPath form, so go ahead and change the design. 7. Publish again as before. 8. Notice tha