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Publish different InfoPath forms into a single library

Versions used in this article: InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint 2010 Recently, there was a need to use single library to hold multiple InfoPath forms. This was achieved by publishing InfoPath forms as Content Types. Here are simple steps to achieve this. 1.    You need a library which stores forms Content Types. 2.    Publish form as content type. 3.    Add Content type to forms library. 4.    Add different forms using content type. Let me detail it out. 1.    Create a library or use any existing document library to hold the forms content types. 2.    Open InfoPath Designer     a.    Design the form as per your need.     b.    Save the form in your machine.     c.    Go to File->Publish->Select SharePoint Server.     d.    In the wizard, enter your site URL.     e.    Next, select the option “Site Content Type”.     f.    Next, select “Create a new content type”.     g.    Next, Type name and description for the content type.     h.    Next, select/type the document library URL