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How to check User permission using REST

Though SharePoint handles security trimming throughout the site, sometimes when you need to create custom pages and controls, you would need to check the permissions of the logged in user to allow/block certain actions. For example, only if a user has permission  to edit list items, show Edit button. So how do you check if the logged-in user has the required permission or not? SharePoint provides a REST endpoint "effectiveBasePermissions". Using this endpoint, you can check if the user has required permission or not. THE URL syntax is: [Domain]/[Site]/_api/web/lists/getByTitle('ListName')/effectiveBasePermissions . Interestingly, this endpoint returns data as JavaScript Object Model (JSOM) object. So to use this data, you would need to load two libraries sp.runtime.debug.js and sp.debug.js. These libraries are available at 15 hive folder. Let me show you the complete code (jQuery should be loaded for this code). This code is tested in SharePoint Online and it

SharePoint Custom Page - Page not found error

I came across an interesting behavior. I had created a custom page with custom logic. I had to pass a parameter and a number so that I can use the value in the code. So the URL looks something like this: http://[Domain]/[SiteCollection]/Page/MyCustomPage.aspx?Id=[number] When I navigate to this page, MyCustomPage was not loading, instead SharePoint was giving "Page not found" error. If I navigate to the same page without passing a parameter, it renders the page without any problem. That means, when I pass a parameter in the URL, SharePoint was treating the entire URL as a page URL. Since it doesn't exist, it was throwing page not found error. This was one of those weird behaviors which is hard to comprehend. After a bit of Googling, I came across this article by Stefan Go├čner . In this article Stefan lists some of the parameters which we should not be using as they are reserved query string parameters. Though the article is specific to MOSS 2007 and SharePoint 20